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About us – AVA TOP TRAVEL Romania

Our AVA Top Travel Romania agency was born from a group of young people united by a great passion for travel who, with almost twenty years of experience behind them, has become a close-knit and qualified team in the field of organizing holidays and tourist stays, in the central eastern part of Europe. Our main motivation is in fact to let both foreign guests and Romanian citizens discover the true history, ancient traditions, and authenticity of the places not only of the main tourist attractions of Romania but also of neighboring countries such as Bulgaria and Serbia.

Our headquarters is in a symbolic regional capital of Romania, the lively Timisoara, witness of a fundamental historical event in Romanian contemporary history: Timisoara is in fact the city where in 1989 the revolutionary spark that liberated Romania from the tyranny of Ceausescu broke out.

The passion for tourism, culture and traditions is our driving force and this is testified by the almost maniacal care we put into creating both the various programs and itineraries for travel and to satisfy as much as possible any customized requests; this commitment derives from the fact that from start we put ourselves in the place of those who visit in order to better understand what the best conditions, needs or expectations of our guests can be.

In fact, we love to consider our customers not as people passing through but as if they were real friends to whom we can give wonderful emotions, while we continuously work so that each trip in the end can become a unique experience impossible not to be shared with other people and acquaintances for its immense beauty and significance.

Our Tour Operator agency offers different types of stays with various itineraries or tourist packages that can be standard or exclusively tailor-made: guided tours with a guide who speaks fluent Italian, tourist stays in 4-star hotels, enchanting landscape to admire and plenty surprises, are some of the ingredients that make up each of our itineraries. All this, combined with the kindness, courtesy of our staff and attention to every detail, makes your entire trip a wonderful adventure, unforgettable and full of surprises.

With our services, destinations and tours we succeed in creating deep emotions and wonderful memories, lasting over time, within the heart and mind; anyone who has been part of it and has tried this can certainly become a volunteer ambassador for us and spread through social media but also by word of mouth, our passion, our tours and the itineraries that we can propose from time to time.